Enter your Wallet ID to sign in with DMA-2.

The Dashboard login system has been updated. After careful consideration and evaluating feedback from thousands of users, we felt that it is necessary to insure that users know their salt & passphrase before receiving funds. This avoids the potentially disastrous consequences of users accumulating funds and then realizing in the future that they don’t actually know their salt & passphrase. This also streamlines the user experience entirely around the salt & passphrase without the need for any other user names or passwords. We believe that this is an improvement in privacy, safety, and user friendliness.

To login to your Dashboard simply enter your device ID and your device will receive a pop-up requesting your salt & passphrase. This will then take you into the Dashboard.

We welcome your feedback at support@bitfi.com. We will continue to optimize this interface based on your feedback.

Note: If you already have a DMA-2 you do not need to perform this upgrade.
DMA-2 upgrade is now available for all users. Please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your device is connected to WiFi internet.
  2. When you are on the main screen that says Welcome to Bitfi, tap the back arrow 5 times. This will open keyboard.
  3. Into this window type in the following code: 90665912sga007 and tap enter.

Once your device restarts tap UPDATE on main screen. Accept update. When done your device should have V109 (tap Wallet ID to see version).

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